Z Folio began in 2003 with a suitcase stuffed with optical crystals destined for the Victorian Christmas Street Fair held annually in Nevada City, California. The crystals were displayed in the frosty winter evening lit by flashlights dangling from poles. So popular was this humble beginning that within a year she invested her life savings in a small inventory of art glass representing the most contemporary designs from her native Czech Republics 700-year glassmaking tradition. In the process, she established credibility and solid international business relationships with leading designers and museum quality artists.

Z, as she is called, and Michael traveled from San Francisco to Las Vegas, Palm Springs to Portland, even as far north as Tahoma and Seattle, walking the streets, cold-calling on prospective wholesale clients. Mind you, Z had only been in the United States for three short years and was taking philosophy (not business) classes at Santa Barbara City College

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