2023 Solvang Business Awards

In the heart of our community, these award recipients have woven stories of success, innovation, and community spirit. Their contributions have not only elevated the economic prosperity of Solvang but have also created a tapestry of opportunities, making our town a better place for everyone. Through their efforts, they have showcased the true essence of Solvang – a place where hard work, passion, and a strong sense of community converge to create something truly remarkable.

2023 Award Recipients:

Small Business of the Year – Solvang Spice Merchant

Large Business of the Year – El Rancho Market

Winery of the Year – Dana V. Wines

Restaurant of the Year – Clean Slate Wine Bar

Non-profit of the Year – Hiddenwings

Ambassador of the Year – Kristy Payne

John Martino Beautification Award – PARc Place

Linda Johansen Spirit of the Community Award – Heather Bedford

2023 Legacy Award: David Rasmussen

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