Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort: Alisal River Grill

Stories from a luxury Dude Ranch.

Alisal Ranch’s roots reach all the way back to 1810. At that time, the land was inhabited by the Chumash people, who called the land “Nojoqui,” or “Honeymoon Place.”

Even then, the Santa Ynez Valley was associated with romance for its rolling hills and peaceful yet abundant wildlife. Settlers later moved into the valley to raise cattle for the Mission Santa Inés and the Mexican Government. They renamed the region “Alisal,” meaning “grove of sycamores.”

More than 200 years later, Alisal Ranch has evolved into a luxury dude ranch that celebrates the ranching culture of the Western U.S. As much as Alisal Ranch embraces horseback riding and ranch-style cooking, it also pays homage to the gentle foothills that gave the area its original “Honeymoon Place” name.

These are the stories of our luxury dude ranch. Though there are countless Alisal lores and traditions already in place, so many of our ranch’s stories have yet to be written. Maybe the next one is yours.

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