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Welcome to Family Connect Care, where our mission is to help individuals and the families of those facing memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimers.

Caring for a loved one with memory loss or other cognitive disorders can be challenging. Family Connect Care has been helping families face all these concerns since 2008. Our Founder, Lauren Mahakian (The Alzheimers Whisperer), has the experience and a unique ability to offer families the help they need. Her staff, all certified memory care associates, are trained and aware when reviewing current living conditions, interactions with medical and care teams, and evaluating care needs; they are knowledgeable of the tools and opportunities available to help loved ones thrive, whether it is at home, or with residential placement.

We refer to our clients and memory home residents as The Chronologically Gifted and like to focus on the proactive approaches that can continue to lead a life with dignity and purpose. We offer our families the day-to-day help and guidance they need to overcome the challenges, as we empower and support the elders individuality and feelings with holistic and artistic stimulation and validation to live at their best. At home or at our residences, we help enhance the quality of life, encourage independence, and assure a safe and supportive living environment that offers peace of mind for all.


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