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Birkholm’s Bakery & Cafe

Family-run outfit turning out traditional Danish pastries, coffee & sandwiches in a cheery space.

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birkholms bakery

Flutterby Cupcake Studio

Flutterby Cupcake Studio from Solvang, California is a unique bakery that specializes in creating delicious and beautiful cupcakes. Our cupcakes are made with the freshest ingredients and each one is crafted with love and ...

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Mortensen’s Danish Bakery

We strive for having the best pastries around and bringing smiles to people all around the world.

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Olsen’s Danish Bakery

About Us Once upon a time …bent-and-susie-reformateda.png in a quaint village of Aerøskøbing (Air-roos-ku-bing) Denmark, in the year 1890, there lived a master baker named Ole Olsen.

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Solvang Bakery

The Solvang Bakery is a family owned boutique bakery located in Solvang California, the Danish capital of America! We specialize in custom wedding cakes, birthday cakes, iced cookies, cookie decorating kits, and Danish American desserts for every occasion!

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