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PCPA Pacific Conservatory Theatre

Welcome to Pacific Conservatory Theatre! Conservators protect, for future cultivation, a fledgling life as it develops the deep roots and thick skin to make it on its own.

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Solvang Festival Theater

The Solvang Festival Theater is owned and operated by Solvang Theaterfest, a 501(c)3 corporation. The mission of the THEATERFEST ® is to support and promote quality live performing arts in the Solvang Festival Theater. Ways in which THEATERFEST ® meets its mission includes: owning and maintaining the Solvang Festival Theater to accommodate performing arts entertainment; maintaining, so long as it is mutually beneficial, an agreement with PCPA to perform in the Solvang Festival Theater; developing and expanding the audience base for the theater; actively developing financial resources to support such theater facilities and theater performances; providing theater facilities for community use; and to present and/or participate in the production and presentation of other live entertainment in the Solvang Festival Theater facilities. The theater was built by the community in 1974 and hosted its first performance, Once upon a Mattress, while the theater was still under construction. In the years since its construction, the theater has hosted almost 200 PCPA theatrical productions and dozens of concerts and other events. The facilities are available for rent for community events. See the facilities page for information on renting the theater or its grounds.

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