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Danish Days Foundation

Danish Days Through the Years For many years Danish Days were sponsored by the Solvang Business Men's Association. There were no Danish Days during World War II, however, when Solvang devoted its energies to war relief efforts. After the war, Danish Days was resumed in 1946 and became so successful that almost 10,000 people crowded into Solvang to help the little town celebrate its Danish roots. Crowds became so big, in fact, that Solvang was unprepared to cope with them and cancelled Danish Days in 1959 and 1960.

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Santa Ynez Valley Foundation

The Santa Ynez Valley Foundation improves the lives of people in the Santa Ynez Valley and Los Alamos by investing in programs that feed the poor, promote health, nurture seniors, challenge our youth and inspire the community to make a difference. With the help of caring supporters, the Foundation also builds permanent funds to enhance the quality of life now and for the future.

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